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Welcome to the Backpacker79 Blog


My name is Daniel and my journey starts in Munich, Germany. I created this blog primarily to share my passion for slow travel. I am going to document my experiences with the places I visit and the people I meet through my pictures.


Daniel Ackermann



I ask myself:


How can you work independent of location? For how long can you do this?

Could you possibly reach your goals even faster?


It would be awesome to start a conversation with people who are planning on doing the same or, who have already been doing this successfully.

Why independent of location?

Being independent of location means that you are not tied down to a fixed location in order to work or live. A relatively new name for this is Digital Nomadism.


There are certainly varying degrees of living this lifestyle. There are differences travel duration, frequency and tolerance for comfort. One person might travel for years changing locations every four weeks, work only being a necessity for survival while sleeping in a hammock. While another person may like his permanent job, going away and staying in the same location for several months but flying home often for several weeks.


My impression is that the transition between these lifestyles are often fluid.


One thing is for sure: Being a Digital Nomad is not being a “drifter”. It takes a lot of discipline, organization, planning and endurance. The reward for this is experiencing fascinating cities, cultures, diversity, spectacular nature, new friendships and personal development.


Countries explored


Days travelling


Projects done

A deciding factor for me was the high cost of living in Munich. The following image shows the amount of Euro you have to pay for renting an appartment in Munich. Prices ar per square meter (= m²):

Option: Geo Arbitrage

One way out would be through Geo Arbitrage which I explain in detail in this article. Ultimately, it allows me to live and work independently wherever I want to for the long-term. This way I can combine work with my passion for travel.


You can find out here in this blog how it’s working out for me. I will share my first hand impressions, experiences and opinions about everything.


You can find photos of my travels under photography. Pictures of my favorites along with facts and personal thoughts about them can be found under favorites. If you are interested in going deeper have a look at my photography sets.

Feedback? Comments? Questions?

I am always happy to have feedback and comments on my photos. You can rate them below each picture. If you would like to receive info on new postings and pictures you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


You can also sign up for e-mail updates, please use the sign up form in the footer.

Current Location: Munich, Germany

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